About Peter Green

Peter Green plays trumpet at a salsa concert at the Mesa Arizona LDS TemplePeter Green has been playing trumpet professionaly for nearly two decades. From screaming lead in big bands, to delicate chamber music in concert halls, from bopping jazz solos to precise studio sight reading, Peter's experience, flexibility, sound, and musicality set him apart. Peter's musical curiosity led him at an early age to explore many genres of music. His diversity of musical experience includes a degree in composition and music theory, years of experience as a sought after recording engineer and recording studio owner, dozens of arrangements for ensembles of all sizes, award winning musical scores for professional theatres, and of course trumpet playing experience across the gamut: wedding bands, brass quintets, big bands and jazz combos, Broadway musical pit orchestras, salsa, temba, and reggae bands - you name it, Peter has done it professionally if it has a trumpet! Peter has even subbed on piano from time to time.